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Covid 19

COVID-19 With Melissa Ann Artistry + CO

Below are the precautions Melissa Ann Artistry + CO takes in protecting clients during COVID. We also ask for your help in supporting some of the state regulations outlined below:

  • Artists to do a deep clean their kit and brushes the night before your trial or wedding.

  • Washing hands and using hand sanitizer in front of each client prior to starting their application. There will be a 5-minute sanitation break in-between each appointment on the day of the wedding.

  • Using brush cleaner disinfectant on brushes.

  • Using disposable wands with all cream products such as mascaras and lip colors so that no products are ever contaminated.

  • Using disinfectant to spray all eyeliners, lip liners, brow pencils and powder products. (Over 70% Isopropyl Alcohol)

  • Artists will be wearing a mask based on the state's current rules and regulations, and at the discretion of their comfort levels. If you require your artists to wear a mask. Please let us know a head of time prior to booking so that we may try to accomidate. 

  • We do not require our clients to be vaccinated to perform services, and we do not require our Artists to be vaccinated. Please do not ask which artists are vaccinated and who is not. We cannot confirm such request

  • Anyone who appears to have cold like symptoms can be denied services.

  • Anyone receiving services is welcome to wear a face covering. If doing a makeup application, the face covering can be removed for lip and airbrush application.



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