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The Agency

 “As an artist, I frequently receive last minute e-mails and calls from frantic brides whose artists have cancelled on them last minute. I’ve had to try to fit them in myself or, if I was unavailable, helped book them with other artists in the industry. And because of this I decided to create Melissa Ann Artistry + Co.”

Melissa worked over 18 years as a one-women show as Melissa Ann Makeup Artistry, until she decided to grow her love widespread in 2019. Today she has over 20 artists specializing in hair and or makeup, to help encompass the needs of any sized event with beauty services.

Melissa solely facilitates and coordinates every single event that is booked. She tries to book clients who ask for her specifically, but realistically the company books over 130 weddings a year, and she cannot personally service every single occasion. Melissa truly feels that it is extremely important to create great relationship, between each client. These events are sometimes personal, intimate and have special meaning. “Our clients should feel special as much as the occasion they are booking for!” That’s why she hand picks the artist.

Our Agency is different. We are not an out of state beauty agency, farming out work, or a lead generator assigning artists without actually qualifying or seeing their work firsthand. The beauty market in Wisconsin is not the same as other states, and that is extremely important to understand. Our artists are local, independent and creditworthy. Melissa has personally met and worked with each artist on several projects, before they can solely carry out the vision of the company. “Every person on my team, has as much love as I do for this industry!”

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