Meet Melissa

Owner/Artist of Melissa Ann Makeup Artistry

I have been a professional makeup artist for over 20 years now and I am so thankful to have a career that I love so dearly.  It is not just the artistic aspect of the job that I love, it’s my clients.  

When I can transform how someone sees themselves and make them feel beautiful...  That is what this career is all about.  Showing people, the beauty that lies within each one of them.

I grew up in what used to be a small town, Waukesha Wisconsin. As soon as I graduated, I enrolled in College as a Business Major. I learned early that I had a natural talent in makeup artistry. I began my beauty career as a makeup consultant for Clinique Cosmetics fall of 1997. From there I continued my artistry work not only as a makeup artist but also as a featured artist for other leading cosmetics brands such as: Lancôme, Clarins, Estee Lauder, M.A.C., and Bobbie Brown Cosmetics. I have had special training with Airbrushing and special effects and photography.

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My career has brought me many places and given me the opportunity to work with so many amazing people. I’m very thankful to be able to work in a career that I can always be inspired, meet new people and I am free to be creative, while helping enhance people’s beauty! I am constantly updating and adding to my extensive makeup collection for your bridal or special event makeup needs.